Monday, 2 November 2015


I'm 48 and have never grown a moustache... mainly because I think it would make me look ridiculous.

Anyways, Movember seems a good time to prove this theory with a bunch of guys at church.

To help bear the ridicule, I am trying to raise £100 to help mens health ... if you would like to donate, follow this link

Liz and the kids find it all very amusing, I suspect there going to be a lot of laughter in our home over the coming weeks.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Kids Church 2 weekend away

Our church is wonderfully served by our children workers... Last weekend they took those in school years 4 - 7 to Rushall Farm and this morning I received this feedback from one of the leaders:

We had a great weekend away with KC2 and the year 7 kids at Rushall Farm.  Highlights for me were

  • Creation of a new breed of "tree men" by the older boys.  Just in case you meet one they look human but have tree branches sticking out of their heads.
  • 2 campfires which we used to melt marsh mellows and generally poke to see what is and isn't flammable.  Sticks are good and marsh mellows burn well too, just in case you're interested.
  • Paddington Bear the movie - surely it was robbed of an Oscar!
  • Several "encounter" sessions - the children had words for each other, asked for prayer for spiritual gifts and prayed for each other.  It's really great to see our children owning their faith and spurring each other on.
  • The wonder and awe of being reminded that we are chosen to be part of God's family if we're Christians.
  • Communion on Sunday morning (with cake instead of bread!).
  • The amazing way the older kids looked after the younger ones.
  • The wonderful food that Lydia and Sarah managed to create!
  • The 4 mile hike that turned into a 15 min walk around the wood when we realised it was far better to climb trees and invent new breeds of human beings then risk getting lost.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

RFC Leadership Summit 2015

Throughout this year we are exposing and strengthening the prophetic foundation on which RFC has been founded. 

By that I mean, ensuring that our culture & practices reflect an understanding that God continues speaks to His people today through 'prophetic utterances'.

Whilst I have been throughly enjoying our current sermon series 'Pursuing His Presence' we do need to set time aside to help me, and all our leaders, understand and value the gift of prophecy.

As such we plan to use the Leadership Summit on Saturday 19th September to do this. 

Andy Robinson and a team from Kings Church Horsham will be with us that day, taking main sessions and leading seminars. The elders & deacons have already had two evenings with these guys, and we are the richer for it!

Venue: The Pavilion, home of Lifespring church.

Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm.

Cost: £10, includes lunch and refreshments.

If you are an existing or emerging leader at RFC, please do book into this day via eventbrite here ... 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

New Sermon Series - Pursing His Presence

Throughout 2015, albeit behind the scenes, we have been exposing and strengthening the prophetic foundations of the church.
But now, starting this Sunday, we are beginning a new sermon series looking at the Person, work, fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

We shall be looking at baptism in the Spirit, the office of prophet, the gift of prophecy, faith, healing, languages, words of knowledge and utterances of wisdom (1Cor12v4-11). 

We shall spend time looking at how this is worked out in the every day life of a follower of Jesus ... as well as when the church gathers.

I am really looking forward to this series, I always get so much out of the preparation!  

Thursday, 28 May 2015

June: A Month of Meals

One of the things I've lost since attending three congregations, is regularly having lunch with people after church ... it was easier to do when we had just one Sunday meeting! 

And yet there is something about eating together that helps us to connect.
So throughout June we hope to encourage RFCers to eat together on a Sunday; For the 9 o'clockers to have brunch together (coffee & toast?), the 11am to have lunch (soup & rolls?) and the 6pm guys to have tea together before church (coffee & crumpets?). 

Alternatively you could eat together midweek before lifegroup or as a serving team or even have a picnic lunch after toddler group.

If we try to keep the emphasis on simple meals together (rather than fine dining!) hopefully that will make it easier to be involved.

For many of us this will be a helpful reminder to continue in something you already know & do, but for me its a provocation to get back to it.

Eating together is one of those things we want to keep front and centre as we look to get to know people into our church.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Be involved ...

The general election is upon us and I want to encourage you to be involved using the words of my friend Andrew Wilson:

 I think voting is hugely important. Just as I’m responsible for wisely stewarding my money, my time and my gifts, so I’m also responsible for stewarding the civic power with which I’ve been entrusted as a citizen of a democracy. Using the electoral power I have, which is massive when compared with the vast majority of generations who have lived on earth, is a key way in which I can love my neighbours and contribute to human flourishing. So sitting out an election because I’m confused, or because I have disagreements with every party - which presumably everyone does - is not an option. What to do?
Vote for whichever candidate will do the best job as your representative, is closest to the set of beliefs you hold, and most likely to do things that love your neighbours. All you have to do is decide between a handful of people who live in your town, answer your questions and speak to your issues.

To find out who your Parliamentary candidates are click here  and the voting record of your current MP click here.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Xenophobia and South African

In case you have missed what is going on in South Africa ... please read this written by my beloved friend Sibs Sabanda (he's Sitho's brother who leads City Hill church in Jo'burg)

South Africa is again reeling from a fresh wave of xenophobic attacks which started in Durban and at the time of writing of this blog, have spread to Johannesburg. Perhaps of greater concern than the attacks themselves is the growing xenophobic sentiment, even among educated citizens. Naturally, many issues have been stirred in the public square, and a good number of those who would consider themselves too civilized to throw a brick have found a platform to express their anger in a more dignified manner. Thankfully, amidst the fog of hatred and frustration, many South Africans are standing for unity – whether through personal morality, religious conviction or belief in an African ‘brotherhood’. In this blog I’d like to add my voice to the discussion as a Christian, a ‘foreigner,’ an African and a minister of the gospel. more here...